ars_belli (ars_belli) wrote in julianmayfans,

UK Reprints

Both the Exiles and the Milieu books are in stock at my local bookshop. Is there any reason to prefer the re-releases to used copies of the old ones? Are they exactly the same with new covers, or are there better, say, family trees or other information? While browsing, I noticed that my old-copy e-book versions have chunks of text missing from Magnificat in particular (compared to the new copies). Does this suggest new editing for the re-prints?

I currently have the e-book versions, but the OCR for the Exiles is appalling! If I hadn't been so wrapped up in the story, I would have flung my kindle at the wall a few times! The Milieu books at least read properly — and amuse me whenever Rogi mentions a "book-plaque" as the assumed medium for his biographies.
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