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new to the galactic milieu

I'm really enjoying this series! But I had a few questions...

1. What happens to Felice? Are she and Culluket in Uncle Rogi's carbuncle? Are there any Celtic myths related to her and Culluket's story?

2. What was up with the prophecy about Agraynel? Is her future husband the human/Firvulag/Tanu child of Nodonn?
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It's a good series, isn't it. :)

1. I think Felice and Culluket are still in the Room without Doors under a pile of rubble, which I don't think is the same as the carbuncle. I don't know of any Celtic myths about them both apart from Felice being associated with the Morrigan (and also Artemis).

2. Agraynel's future husband could be the child of Nodonn. Or maybe Aiken...
I'd agree with imhilien. I get the feeling May didn't realise people would make a connection between the Great Carbuncle and the Felice/Culluket duality but probably received fan letters asking about it, which is why she mentioned how similar they appeared in - I think - "Diamond Mask". It seems a shame that duality is gone. Let's not forget, Felice is the most powerful metapsychic of all in the aggressive use of metafunctions, stronger than Marc or Jack.
Seriously! It'd be amazing if Felice was still a character -- her and Elizabeth seemed to be the most complex characters to me.
Felice is my favourite character and I'd love to hear more about her but I have to ask myself, where could her character go? She has a very unusual journey, really. It's become quite common to have characters who seem monstrous and to then find the humanity within them. Felice does the opposite - she starts off as a flawed human being and evolves into something monstrous, elemental. I think she and Culluket are perfected in the ruby cylinder duality and should probably be left to their own devices with poor Cull in his protege's loving-hating grasp forever and ever, tee-hee!


May 17 2013, 15:12:25 UTC 4 years ago

Has anyone managed to plan a 'pilgrimage' tour of Hanover/Berlin/Bretton Woods taking in the cog railway to the top? Especially this year 2013 is the year of the Intervention! I would love to do this but don't drive and cannot find anyone to work the whole thing out for me. (Coming from the UK). Something i want to do before I die.
It's been a long time since I read May's books; so I (am ashamed to say) that I don't remember the carbuncle.

I have it on good authority that Agraynel's future husband will be Aiken.


April 6 2014, 18:17:19 UTC 3 years ago

wasn't part of the prophesy that her husband is not yet born?
Well, technically Aiken is alive but not yet born, because he'll be born in the future.

The downer of that is that means basically *any one of the human characters* could fulfill that type of prophecy. :-/
Even though I'm a member, I can't seem to be able to post an entry for some reason. But this is important, and hopefully some community members will read it.


Hi folks,

Award winning make up artist / budding producer Nick Dudman, wishes to make The Saga of the Exiles into feature films.



Of course it might not actually happen, but isn't it great that someone has expressed an interest. :D

Extract from from Nick Dudman's UK LinkedIn profile -

Pigs Might Fly Ltd

2011 – Present (3 years)

Pigs Might Fly Ltd has optioned a series of science fiction books by Julian May; "The Many-Colored Land"' "The Golden Torc"' "The Nonborn King"' and "The Adversary".These are currently in development.

Nick is currently also co-producing "Highgate Vampire" with Triple S Films.

Thoughts? Opinions? Tom Hiddleston as Aiken Drum? ~_^

Keep your ears to the ground, folks.