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The Death of Kieran O'Conner...

Something that occurred to me after reading Intervention for the umpteenth time...

I know that Kieran O'Conner died on top of Mount Washington, although the details of his death are a little vague. Just what did surprise him, and cause him to scream before he expired?

However, that's not my question. In Jack the Bodiless, O'Conner's body is recovered, and it has been subjected to the chakra-draining technique practiced by Victor, and Fury.
How is this? Presumably, the victim has to be alive to be drained, and due to his aggresive cancer, O'Conner probably wasn't even that appealing, power-wise.
Finally, who did it? I'm quite sure Victor was off leading the Sons of the Earth attack on the chalet, straight after O'Conner died, so who conducted the attack? Rogi? Impossible. The Family Ghost? Equally impossible!

Have I missed something?
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My belief was that it was Dennis, who had a mental blackout and so didn't remember it later . . . and it's well established that Dennis = Fury later on . . .

But on a reread, Victor is in the car with Kieran as he says his final words, (and dies in "thunderstruck surprise" with Victor watching) which doesn't seem to leave much wiggle room!
*nod* Exactly. What was he so surprised about? And who drained him? Plus, Denis was inside the chalet, leading the metaconcert. You have to be in close proximity to your victim for the attack to work, right?

Curiouser and Curiouser...
Denis draining him from a distance (because he's an uber psycho multi-personality guy) would have been quite surprising!

But yeah, it's kinda weird.

Seems likely that it's Victor. . . at the time I thought maybe this "Dark Mother" Kieran worships, but clearly not from the fact that she's hardly mentioned again :D

Very curious!
I always thought it was Victor. There was no indication that Denis' multiple personality disorder manifested itself until the birth of Fury years later.
Agreed. I thought Kieran's surprise was over just how vile Victor really is. Granted Kieran was rather dark and evil himself, but he had his limits.
My take was that Kieran cried out as he died because he gained a fuller knowledge, an unhappy knowledge, of his Dark Mother, Kali.

Fury I have taken to be an extra-corporeal residue of Victor's which, perhaps through some property of sibling similarity, attached itself to Dennis's subconscious mind, him all unknowing. At the same time it corrupted all of the gathered children, save Marc.

They did not find Kieran's chakra-consumed body in JtheB. They found Brett McAllister's, and they mentioned that Shannon O'Conner's body had been consumed in the same fashion, and they mentioned that Kieran was dead. They did not say he had the chakra marks.
It was always my understanding that Kieran's surprise at the point of his own death was upon discovering that the Black Mother he worshipped and served did not exist. May comes at spirituality from a Christian perspective so her take would be that there is a Christian afterlife which Kieran, clearly, was not expecting!