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Another thought...

Do you think that when Julian May wrote the Sage of the Exiles, she had already written the Trilogy? She had obviously put a lot of thought into the universe she was building, and I can't think (off-hand) of any real discrepancies between the Pliocene and 2050 universe, but had she created the exact storyline? Had she really figured out that Marc was to become Unifex, or was it a good idea that she tacked on?

To me the stories seem to flow together- they had to be concieved together. However, I think there are instances that could have been simply added later. Jack and Illusio are mentioned as saints, yes, but beyond a brief outline you know almost nothing about them. I'd forgotten in the seven odd years it between reading the Saga and trilogy for the first time. The Rebellion is hinted at, but not really explained. The CE-rigs were almost a complete mystery, and I wonder why d-jumping hasn't been studied in the Milieu (they did say it wasn't an unknown phemonenon, but you'd have thought that people would have studied it. It could be very useful, at least for GM+ heads).

Any thoughts on the matter?

(Apologies if I'm posting too much)
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